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HP Anyware is the enterprise software that IT needs to keep people and teams productive with secure access to their digital workspaces from any mix of infrastructure (cloud, data center, edge, workstation) and end-user device (PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, thin and zero client), anywhere.

Game creators now have an easy solution to remotely access powerful workstations with the Microsoft Azure Game Development Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Microsoft has launched this virtual machine pre-configured with HP Anyware to support in-office, remote and hybrid game creatives with seamless performance at Game Developers Conference 2022.

Microsoft covered the launch of this new virtual machine using HP Anyware in their featured talk at GDC 2022 called Make Remote Development Easy with the Azure Game Development VM. This machine can be leveraged by the game developers to quickly spin up pre-built workstations in the cloud for remote development, including ready build servers with common game development tools pre-installed. Visit the Microsoft Game Dev GDC22 Page to learn more about the Azure Game Development Virtual Machine.

With this latest development, game developers get pre-configured and pre-built Azure Virtual Machines with HP Anyware, which allows them to set up multiple virtual machines at the same time and provides a high-fidelity, low-latency end-user experience. 

Like the most intensive online multi-player games with high-end graphics, game development environments also demand high frame rates, low latency, and amazing responsiveness. HP Anyware, powered by PCoIP® technology, gives game development studios of all sizes the flexibility to have creators work remotely from anywhere, accelerating game production and launch. Since data is only transmitted in the form of pixels, all assets remain securely within the studio data center or your choice of public cloud. 

The Microsoft Azure Game Development Virtual Machine enables customers to easily acquire and stand up their remote workstation for game development in 5 minutes via click-to-deploy with the option to purchase HP Anyware or purchase licensing through reseller partners.  

Microsoft also mentioned in one of their talks at GDC 2022 that customers can Harness the power of Azure Cloud Builds from Development to Deployment. The game developers can take advantage of Azure’s integrated end-to-end solution using HP Anyware for asset management and builds.

Microsoft and Teradici - Game Creation Cloud Adoption and The Azure Game Dev VM

Game Dev Environment is Ready to Deploy and Use for Creators 

Deployment is easy, so teams can seamlessly roll out a game development environment broadly and start working right away. Simply input a few details, and the virtual desktop is ready to use in under 20 minutes, streamlining the installation process and speeding time to productivity for game developers, artists and editors. With HP Anyware, users can be productive from anywhere and use devices such as Wacom tablets and controllers. Features include: 

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (BYOL)  
  • Xbox game development support  
  • Mobile gaming capable (with Visual Studio App Center)  
  • Ready-to-use Windows desktop image pre-installed with Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio App Center, and Blender  
  • Supports PCoIP Ultra performance for the highest quality graphics on multiple monitors   
  • The solution will include CAS Manager and all the components to enable enterprise-level deployments  
  • Game Engine selections: Unreal Engine 4 or 5  
  • Operating Systems supported: Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

You can learn more about this new virtual machine using HP Anyware here -

The Azure Game Development Virtual Machine is available through your Azure subscription, and it’s available now in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace in all Azure regions.


Visit to learn more about HP Anyware's partnership with Microsoft.