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HP Anyware is the enterprise software that IT needs to keep people and teams productive with secure access to their digital workspaces from any mix of infrastructure (cloud, data center, edge, workstation) and end-user device (PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, thin and zero client), anywhere.

Broadcom’s recent acquisition of VMware has sparked conversations across the VMware user community and the industry at large around potential implications for partners and customers alike. Uncertainty that impacts your IT infrastructure—or your customers’—can be a major distraction, as well as an opportunity to reassess your end-user computing strategy.

The changes in the industry that are ongoing right now, combined with significant new technologies coming to market, make this a critical time to assess and re-evaluate.

With more than 20 years of expertise and innovation in this space, we’ve seen amazing progress in the virtual desktop and remote workstation experience. Digital workspaces powered by HP Anyware deliver the user experience you need to enable hybrid work, secured universal access to AI-enabled and high-resource applications and flexibility for a mixed full-time and contract workforce. Connect with an HP Anyware expert.

Listen in on this brief panel discussion with HP experts in end-user computing, zero trust security architectures and VDI implementation:

HP Anyware supports your migration plans with several options to fit your timeline, workloads and configuration needs. Here are some aspects to consider:

Prioritize End-User Experience

Your end-users likely have diverse needs when it comes to client applications, performance and peripherals. HP is making it easier to deliver the remoting experience they want. VMware has been a long-standing partner integrating PCoIP technology in Horizon since 2008. Recently we’ve been working together on some new capabilities to bring additional options and flexibility to the VMware ecosystem including access to the latest PCoIP Ultra performance features, to meet the needs of the most demanding graphics-intensive applications. HP Anyware also gives users the ability to access their preferred operating systems (Windows®, macOS ® and Linux®), collaborate and share a desktop in real-time from anywhere, as well as peripheral compatibility, and flexibility around cloud, workstations, hybrid, and virtual deployments.

Take advantage of new capabilities designed to make IT’s job easier, including the ability to leverage a SaaS management plane for both productivity and high-performance users to simplify provisioning, brokering, session optimization and troubleshooting.

Are Public Clouds Right for you?

Cloud infrastructure is a scalable and highly accessible option for hosting digital workspaces. A managed desktop solution with Windows 365 or AWS hosted on a public cloud, utilizing the same control plane as on-premises/ESXi instances could factor into your strategy.

Consider an End-to-End Solution for Next-Level Security

Adding secure endpoints to your infrastructure is another area to consider. Thin clients and zero clients based on our latest zero trust architecture are available from HP to provide an end-to-end solution.

Look for Flexible Hypervisor and Connection Manager Options 

HP Anyware’s hypervisor-agnostic architecture works with VMware ESXi , KVM and other hypervisors, as well as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Connection management options include Anyware Manager, Leostream, Horizon and more. Reach out to an HP Anyware expert to discuss your options.

The HP Difference

HP has the roadmap to help you navigate the uncertainty. With HP Anyware, a broad offering of endpoint devices and deep expertise, we can partner with you on everything from migration planning, to onboarding, to post-install troubleshooting.

It all comes down to giving you the flexibility to use the technology that best fits your needs—on a timeline that matches your objectives.

Connect with an HP Anyware expert to find out how digital workspaces powered by HP Anyware can work for your business or visit .