Service Overview


Premium Consultation provides you with a project manager for your account that understands the needs of your business and allows you to book consultation time with our trusted, certified PCoIP architects and designers. This is ideal when you need expert advice on PCoIP development, deployments or diagnostic consultations.


Typical consultation services available include:

  • Development consultation: If you are a developer building your product using HP Anyware published PCoIP specifications, APIs or SDKs, we will provide you consultation sessions with our PCoIP development experts to answer your questions or help you investi gate and resolve development issues using the PCoIP APIs and SDKs. 
  • Design consultation: Guidance in the choice of approach and selection of supported methods that best meet the of your use case. 
  • Health check / Training: Our team can provide a second set of eyes to validate your PCoIP configuration and setup as well as provide customized training and optimizations tailored to your environment.
  • Performance tuning consultation: Guidance in the best practices around using supported SDKs and APIs to achieve improved performance. 
  • Code snippet review and consultation: Guidance provided based on review of your code snippets for the purpose of ensuring correct use of supported SDKs and APIs.
  • Problem diagnosis: Investigative and troubleshooting goals advice on your development issue to determine the root cause. 
  • Strategic planning: Our team can also provide a wide variety of options for disaster recovery planning, hybrid IT planning, data center and cloud migration, and networking needs analysis and planning.


You will work with experienced members of the HP Anyware team having years of experience providing PCoIP, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, networking, security, automation, and integration solutions. We will interact via teleconference, chat sessions, and email to assist you. 

To get started, your Premium Consultation project manager will schedule an initial kick-off meeting where our team will discuss the optimal use of Premium Consultation to accomplish your goals and resolve your pain points. 

The HP Anyware team monitors progress as you tap into their Premium Consultation. The team notifies you as the consultations near completion in order to wrap up current efforts or plan for additional services that might be required to continue further.

Premium Consultation subscriptions occur over a 12-month period.

Our team of PCoIP architects are located in Canada and available (8AM-6PM, Monday-Friday, PST).