Why is the PCoIP Management Console 1.9.0 and older slow to discover devices?

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The PCoIP Management Console (MC) is tested to support up to 2000 devices. Some customers have deployed the MC and are supporting in excess of 2000 devices. Several customers in this scenario have reported that when trying to update devices the MC is very slow.

Note: PCoIP Management Console 2.x and above support management of up to 20,000 devices.

HP Anyware investigated this issue and found that after importing a database, which has more than 1800 zero clients, into MC 1.8.1 and 1.9.0 that:

  1. the update link button in the Device Details page returns a fetch error on newly discovered devices.
  2. the background rediscovery jobs were taking on average 30 to 40 seconds per device.

Both issues were isolated to a stored procedure call "get_target_client_display_topology_id()" function related to the display topology settings, which is part of CMI 1.12 in Clients Devices Only.

"get_target_client_display_topology_id()" function calls "get_target_client_1_12_id()" function inside its SQL and it is taking too long to finish executing the query that is called for every Zero Client with CMI 1.12 or greater.

There is no workaround for this issue. HP Anyware compiled a patch to resolve the issue with MC 1.8.1 and MC 1.9.0. To gain access to this patch HP Anyware recommends that you open a support ticket for confirmation of the issue. At that time HP Anyware will provide access to the patch.

Note: This issue will be resolved in MC 1.9.1 or newer please see the release details:

Release Details: PCoIP Management Console 1.9.1 General Availability 

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  • mc.1.x