Why is the MC activation code (license) not working?

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  • To activate a license follow the steps located here
  • The deactivation instructions are here .


Common Issues: 


Is the license already allocated on another machine?

If yes, then deactivate the license from the old machine and reactivate the license on the new MC. 


Is the license valid?

Check your licensing e-mail and double check that the "Start Date" is not in the future.  If it is, you will need to wait until after the date specified to use the license. 

If the "End Date" is in the past, then you will need to re-order a new license.


Are you providing correct fulfillment ID and entitlement ID? 

  • To activate the license, you need to use the activation code (also called entitlement ID) and not the fulfillment ID.
  • The fulfillment ID and entitlement ID can be easily mistaken with each other. The Entitlement ID is the license key you received via email, while the fulfillment ID is assigned to a license after it is activated.
  • To find out the information about fulfillment ID and entitlement ID, navigate to SETTINGS > LICENSE from Management Console UI, or run command /opt/teradici/licensing/mc_view_lic.sh from Management Console Virtual Machine console.


Is the license "Broken"? 

Licenses are activated on a specific machine. If you have cloned your original MC and put it on a new VM then the "cloned" license will be broken.  To identify this issue and fix, refer to License check results in Broken Host message


Does your MC have access to the internet?

If you do not have access to the internet, then you will need to contact Teradici support and ask for assistance with offline activation.   

If you do have access to the internet, and cannot activate, it could be that your anti-virus software is blocking the activation request.  Temporary disable the anti-virus software prior to the activation.  Once activated, you can re-enable the anti-virus protection. 


Is your firewall blocking access?

If you see the error code  flxAppActivationSend - (50041,41143,34), this usually indicates that either a firewall is blocking access to the internet or your anti-virus software is blocking access.

Note: If you are using Teradici Cloud Licensing, you will need to whitelist the following:

  • teradici.flexnetoperations.com 
  • teradici.compliance.flexnetoperations.com

Alternatively, you can also ensure the following network blocks are whitelisted:            

  • Production:
  • Disaster Recovery:

The following network blocks are not currently in use, but may also be used in the future:          

  • Production:
  • Disaster Recovery:


Are you using a proxy server to access the internet? 

  • If yes, special options are required to activate when using a proxy server.
  • Refer to the administration guide for instruction on how to use a proxy.


Next Steps?

If the above items did not help, then open a technical case with our support staff.

  • Login into your account on the Teradici self service portal.  Don't have an account? Register here.
  • Select Management Console as the Product.  In the subject line, fill in Need Help Activating a License.
  • Provide the license activation key in the description text + any output your got from the activate or de-activate commands.. 
  • Teradici support will then advise on the corrective actions required.