Why is my redirected USB device not working after installing or upgrading the Horizon View Agent?

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Scenario 1: USB Redirection is not enabled by default in View Agent

Starting with version of View Agent 6.1, VMware changed the default status of the USB Redirection feature which is no longer enable by default.


Note: The status of the USB device in the PCoIP Zero Client log or AWI may show as not supported (What does the status of attached USB devices mean in the AWI?).



Scenario 2: VMware's USB Hub driver fails to load during the Horizon View Agent installation/upgrade

Even though the user does not have the USB device as Unauthorized in the PCoIP Zero Client AWI USB permission table, but the redirected USB device(s) lists as Unauthorized and fails to work as expected. This occurs when the VMware USB Hub driver fails to load during the Horizon View Agent installation/upgrade.

For more information, please review the appropriate version of the VMWare Horizon release notes. The following example refers to VMware Horizon 6.0 with View Release Notes.

The USB HUB device driver might not be installed properly when you install View Agent on a desktop in a manual desktop pool. This issue can occur if, during the View Agent installation, you restart the system before the USB HUB device driver is fully installed.
Workaround: When you install View Agent and you are prompted to restart the system, check the system tray to see if the USB HUB device driver software is still being installed. Wait until the device driver software is completely installed (typically about 30 seconds) before you restart the system.
 If you use a command-line script to install View Agent silently, make sure to wait or sleep the script for long enough to allow the driver installation to complete before you restart the system.
 If you encounter this issue after View Agent is installed, or you could not delay the system restart during a silent installation, update the USB HUB device driver by taking these steps:
 1. In the Device Manager, under Other Devices, right-click VMware View Virtual USB Hub.
 2. Click Update Driver Software > Browse my computer for driver software.
 3. Go to C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Agent\bin\drivers and click Next to let Windows install the driver.


Scenario 3: VMware's UEM (User Environment Manager) may be blocking USB Redirection

Check UEM (User Environment Manager) policy settings to ensure USB is not being blocked. See VMware KB2151440 - https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2151440