Why has my PCoIP Client display temporarily shown a black screen?

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While in a PCoIP session, the display(s) temporarily go black for a few seconds (typically 1-5 seconds) and then resumes normal operation. Occasionally the screen may be briefly frozen instead of turning black.



This entry signifies that imaging reset has occurred. This can be because:

  • The imaging system has not received a response from the PCoIP host or PCoIP client in the last 5 seconds, and imaging tries to restart the imaging session.
  • Excessive PCoIP data loss on the network has caused an imaging reset
  • An application has tried to change the display resolution
  • Windows has switched between desktops. This can happen when locking or unlocking the windows session.
  • The GPU, hardware or physical, has had an error causing imaging to reset.
  • There is not enough video memory available in the virtual machine.



Depending on the issue, there maybe a fix. Typically an imaging reset is in response to another issue or normal operation in the case of PCoIP Data loss or desktop changing.

If the issue is determined to be network interruption or PCoIP data loss on the network, have a look in the logs for the following event.

05/27/2010, 17:15:53.698> LVL:2 RC:-500 MGMT_IMG :Imaging Timer expiry.

If this condition persists for longer than one minute, the PCoIP session will be closed. This can be identified by a pcoip_server log entry similar to the following:

2011/04/16 10:20:52.606 1 -504 MGMT_PCOIP_DATA Unable to communicate with peer on PCoIP media channels (data manager ping timer expired)

More on this error in "-504 MGMT_PCOIP_DATA Unable to communicate with peer on PCoIP media channels (data manager ping timer expired)" in the PCoIP server logs

If this issue persists, a network investigation should be considered to determine the root cause of the communication failure.


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