Why does HP Anyware specify a Nvidia and AMD driver for use with the PCoIP Graphics Agent?

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HP Anyware performs extensive testing of the PCoIP Graphics Agent for Windows and the PCoIP Graphics Agent for Linux before release. As part of the tests, HP Anyware uses the latest Nvidia and AMD drivers available at the time. Upon release of the PCoIP Graphics agent, the administrator guide will list tested and supported configurations as the system requirements. Verifying the Nvidia GRID driver in use by the PCoIP Graphics Agent. Although the PCoIP Graphics agent will try to work with versions of the Nvidia and AMD drivers not listed in the system requirements, you may experience issues including:

  • Image tearing
  • Image artifacts
  • Slow connection times
  • Display topology issues
  • Low frame rates
  • Failure to enable GRID capture

HP Anyware works closely with our partners and vendors to identify any potential driver issues at the time of testing.

We understand that HP Anyware may not be the only vendor who has a requirement for a specific GPU driver due to it's multi use nature. If you decide to run a version of the driver that HP Anyware does not test and support, HP Anyware Global Support services may require you to change to a supported driver before the PCoIP Graphics Agent can be supported