Why do I see black bars on the side or bottom of my display when connecting to a zero client?

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Scenario: When connecting a display (TV or monitor) to a PCoIP zero client you get solid black bars at the top and bottom or left and right sides of the display. It appears as if the image is being cut off.

Resolution: This issue is caused by 'overscanning' and is usually seen when connecting TVs to zero clients. Typically you notice about 2 - 5 % cut off and sometimes a stretched image. Depending on the TV you may be able to adjust for overscan from the TV menu. The setting is usually hidden in the 'picture' or 'input' settings and is called 'overscan', '1:1', 'pixel mapping', 'scan' or 'direct pixel mapping'. You can fix this issue on some TV models by changing the aspect ratio to 'fit the screen' or 'fit to actual' instead of '16:9'.