Why do I get poor performance on an MPLS network?

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There are a number of configuration requirements for using PCoIP protocol on an MPLS network. 

  • Prioritize PCoIP packets as a best practice
  • Avoid packet loss

  • Avoid out-of-order packets

    • PCoIP protocol may consider out-of-order packets as lost if the data becomes stale due to the packet re-ordering delay.  
    • Ie confirm that per-packet load balancing is NOT used as it will result in out of order packets. If required, use per-destination load balancing instead.

    • Confirm that route configuration does not result in PCoIP packets taking different routes which can result in out-of-order packets. 

For more detail on network configuration requirements for a successful PCoIP deployment, see Network session checklist for PCoIP protocol LAN and WAN deployments