Why do I get a gray screen when connecting from the HP Anyware PCoIP Software Client to a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card?

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To resolve this issue, please make sure that you have the following installed and set correctly on the host PC/workstation - i.e. a computer with a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card (host card) installed:

  • The host card should be running PCoIP firmware 4.5.1 or newer.
  • The host card should have the Host Driver Function enabled.
  • The host card should have Monitor Emulation enabled.
  • If you require audio, ensure that Audio is enabled.
  • Install the latest PCoIP Host Software for Windows or Linux.

There are settings within the PCoIP Host Software that are network dependent (LAN vs WAN).

Note: Please make a record of the MAC address and/or IP address of the host card.

For specific settings please refer to Remote Workstation Card and components documentation.