Why are my Endpoint counts under Grouped and Ungrouped not adding up?

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This issue shows up randomly on some versions of the PCoIP Management Console 3.x (MC 3.x) and we have not been able to root cause the issue. When you look at the MC Endpoints page you may see a screen similar to the one below.

In the above screen shot I have selected the Grouped tab and highlighted one Endpoint. The Group shows a count of 9 however if you look to the right it shows that we have 1 of 8 selected. In this scenario the MC only knows of 8 Endpoints however the database is saying there are 9 Endpoints.
Another variant of this issue shows up in the Ungrouped tab and when selected the Ungrouped tab will show a number od Endpoints however there are no Endpoints displayed.
It is important to remove these Endpoints as they will impact your license count. 

Here are the steps to find and delete the rogue Endpoints:

  1. Export "All Settings" from Endpoint page.
  2. Log into vSphere console for the MC
  3. Enable SSHD on the MC so you can log in using Putty and WinSCP - sudo /sbin/service sshd start
  4. Log into MC using Putty
  5. Enter the database - psql pcoip_mc_db postgres
  6. Create an output text file - \o /tmp/delete.txt
  7. Run the db command to get a list from the db - select id, mac_address, ipv4 from endpoint;
  8. Using WinSCP download the output file - delete.txt
  9. Compare the MAC address of the two files (original Export of All Settings vs. delete.txt, this can be done using Excel.
  10. What you are looking for are any MACs that show up in one but not the other.
  11. Use this command to delete the unwanted MACs - DELETE FROM endpoint WHERE mac_address = '00:30:04:12:34:56';
  12. Remember to check and also log out of the Postgres database with - \q