Which PCoIP Zero Clients support wake-on-LAN?

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All Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients support wake-on-LAN, otherwise known as 'WOL,' to turn on PCoIP Zero Clients remotely. To configure, a 3rd party WOL utility software is required to generate WOL packets to send to PCoIP Zero Clients. Also, WOL must be enabled on the PCoIP Zero Client (Log in to the AWI of the zero client > Configuration > Power > Enable Wake-on-LAN).

Only a limited number of Tera1 PCoIP zero clients support WOL. You can identify Tera1 PCoIP zero client models that support WOL by the client firmware part number. To find the firmware part number, from the on-screen display (OSD) of the client, choose, Options> Information> Version> Firmware Part Number: FWxxxxxx. Below is a list of Tera1 PCoIP zero clients that support wake-on-LAN. Please note that this list is not comprehensive:

FW010085, FW010087, FW010099, FW010100, FW010103, FW010104, FW010107, FW010108, FW010111, FW010112, FW010116, FW010117


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