What versions of VMware Horizon does the PCoIP Zero Client Firmware support and is pre-certified with?

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PCoIP firmware is supported with the publicly available Horizon release available at the time of the firmware release and is compatible with one major release of Horizon prior to this.
Further information for each release can be found via their respective release notes.



PCoIP Zero Client firmware is tested against the release of VMware Horizon which is publicly available at the time of the firmware release. Following its release, the firmware is sent to VMware for pre-certification to make it ready for OEM manufacturers. The OEM manufacturer is in turn then responsible for completing the certification process against their brand of PCoIP client in order to be listed on VMware’s certified compatibility guide.

You can review VMwares compatibility guide to see if your OEM has certified their PCoIP client with VMware. Search within the Horizon (Thin Clients) compatibility guide with client version Tera 2 (Vendor – Zero Client) and firmware/BIOS selection of All. Contact your OEM manufacturer for further information if you do not find your manufacturer's device in VMware’s compatibility guide.

The following table lists the PCoIP firmware releases that are pre-certified with VMware Horizon.

PCoIP Firmware Release Pre-Certified for VMware Horizon Release
PCoIP Firmware Release VMware Horizon Release
23.06.0 8.9-2303
23.04.0 8.8-2212
23.01.0 8.7-2209
22.09.0 8.6-2206
22.07.1 2203
22.04.0 8.4
22.01.0 8.4
21.10.0 8.3
21.07.0 8.3
21.03.2 8.2
21.01.1 8.1
20.10.1 8.0
20.10.1 7.13
20.07.0 7.12