What is the correct DNS and host file configuration for the Management Console 2.x and 3.x?

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Under normal operation of the PCoIP Management Console 2.x and 3.x it is not necessary to modify the hosts file or the hostname. You should assign a static IP address to your PCoIP Management Console and create a DNS "A" record with the hostname and the IP address. This way the PCoIP Management Console will be fully resolvable via DNS. If the PCoIP Management Console is not fully resolvable via DNS when the network configuration tool is run it can lead to miss configuration of the hosts file. 

If you believe the host file configuration is incorrect, the hosts file located at /etc/hosts should only contain these entries.   localhost   localhost.localdomain   localhost4   localhost4.localdomain4
::1   localhost   localhost.localdomain   localhost6   localhost6.localdomain6

You can use nslookup to troubleshoot DNS issues, please see the PCoIP Management Console Administrator Guide Troubleshooting DNS for troubleshooting steps.