What firewall rules are created by the PCoIP Agent?

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Windows Firewall Rules

Default Microsoft Windows firewall rules populated by the PCoIP Agent for Windows installer.

windows firewall rules

Rule Details




Linux firewall

CentOS 7.x

In CentOS 7.x a predefined service is created in /usr/lib/firewalld/services/pcoip-agent.xml

And is allowed on "public" profile.

centos public profile

To add the firewall rules to the public profile, open a terminal and run this command.

sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public

--permanent --add-service=pcoip-agent



By default, the Ubuntu firewall is off. If you enable the Ubuntu firewall the following ports must be opened:

  • TCP 443
  • TCP/UDP 4172
  • TCP 60443 (Only required when using a broker)

The following commands will add rules to UFW for the PCoIP services (uncomplicated firewall).

Open a terminal and run these commands

sudo ufw allow httpssudo ufw allow 4172