What do the PCoIP Zero Client session connection failure codes mean?

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Session connection error messages--such as "Unable to connect (0x1000). Please contact your IT administrator."--are described below. 

0x1000: Session lost.

MGMT_UI :No PCoIP data received in the past 3 seconds (connection to peer might be lost)
MGMT_SYS :Session lost!

  • Something interrupted the PCoIP connection so the session ended (i.e. no PCoIP data being received).
How to identify network issues in PCoIP Logs

0x1001: Session refused by the host - the host does not accept this client.

  • A session is already in progress with the Remote Workstation Card.
  • Resources to open a session are unavailable on the host.
  • The PCoIP remote workstation card (host card) doesn't have the Accept Any Peer option checked, and the client's MAC address doesn't match what the host is configured to accept.

0x1002: Session timeout - the client tried to contact the host but could not reach it.

Example event log:  2015-05-05T13:39:19Z> LVL:2 RC:   0        MGMT_SYS :Session unavailable reason: 0x00001002

  • Incorrect encryption settings on the PCoIP Zero Client.
  • This error can also arise when connecting a PCoIP Zero Client to a Remote Workstation Card running incompatible firmware. 
  • Host did not respond to the open session request.

0x1003: SSL handshake failed - the client and host could not establish the SSL/TLS connection to negotiate the session.

  • This is typically because one is configured for Suite B Session Negotiation and the other is not. They're mismatched.

      Example event log: 2015-05-05T13:39:19Z> LVL:2 RC:   0        MGMT_SYS :Session unavailable reason: 0x00001003

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