VMware ESXi, Horizon View, and PCoIP software compatibility matrix lists

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Note: This knowledge base article contains information for VMware Horizon view 6.1 and prior. For the latest information please visit the VMware site.

You will be able to find matrices relating to the following:

VMware Horizon (View)  

  • ESXi - Build Numbers
  • ESXi - View Agent
  • View Agent - Guest OS's
  • Other interoperabilities can be found when viewing VMware's matrix, pending your choices.
    • Example of filling in the matrix



VMware Horizon - HP Anyware PCoIP (See Tables Below)

  • VMware View - PCoIP software
  • VMware View containing PCoIP software with HP Anyware PCoIP Hardware Accelerator drivers
  • VMware View SVGA matrix (moved from this article)


VMware View containing PCoIP software

VMware View Version

PCoIP Software
View 6.1.1

View 6.1

View 6.0.1

View 6.0

View 5.3.3

View 5.3.2

View 5.3.1

View 5.3.0

View 5.2.0
View 5.1.3
View 5.1.2
View 5.1.1
View 5.1.0
View 5.0.1
View 5.0
View (in APEX 2800 Beta installer) 3.7.0.x
View 4.6.1
View 4.6.0
View 4.5
View 4.0.2
View 4.0.1


VMware View containing PCoIP software with HP Anyware PCoIP Hardware Accelerator drivers

PCoIP Software Build Horizon View Version
6.0.1 6 5.3 5.2 5.1 5 4.6
2.5.0-rel-45408 3.12.43292  

Note: the matrix above is to identify APEX drivers by pcoip server builds in pcoip server logs, and is no longer applicable to View versions newer than 6.1 inclusive. Please refer to the following KB for methods of verifying APEX virtual machine driver version. How to confirm the HP Anyware Hardware Accelerator Software was successfully installed in a VM?