The PCoIP Hardware Accelerator ESXi driver does not report the card temperature

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When running pcoip-ctl -I on an ESXi host with the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator drivers installed, the output does not display the CPU and Ambient Board Temperature.



When using an MXM PCoIP Hardware Accelerator in an HP blade, the temperature diode information is redirected to the blade chassis for system control. As the information is redirected it is not available to the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator drivers in ESXi.

If you are not using an MXM PCoIP Hardware Accelerator, please open a ticket with HP Anyware Glocal Support Services.



As the temperature information is redirected to ensure the HP blade chassis functions correctly, there is no change that can be made to get the temperature data. In a fully functioning chassis in a environment that meets HP specifications, there is no need to monitor or check the HP Anyware Hardware Accelerator temperature.

For Full Height or Low Profile Hardware Accelerator cards, the temperature report entry is displayed in APEX2800 Device Summary:

++ CPU Temperature (45c), Ambient/Board Temperature (41c)





Pertains to:
  • apex 2.1.0
  • apex 2.2.0
  • apex 2.3.0
  • apex 2.3.1
  • apex 2.3.2
  • apex 2.3.3
  • apex 2.3.4
  • apex 2.3.5
  • apex 2.4.0
  • apex 2.4.1
  • apex 2.4.2
  • apex 2.5.0
  • apex 2.5.1
  • apex 2.5.2
  • apex 2.5.3
  • apex 2.5.4