HP Anyware Licensing   

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~40 mins

This course will help you to understand the licenses used with HP Anyware Products like the HP Anyware license and Management Console license. After completing this course you would be able to differentiate between different licenses and license your HP Anyware Agent and Management Console.

HP Anyware Licensing Models
~ 5 min

  • Understand the licensing options available
  • Understand the pros and cons of the Cloud Licensing Model vs. the Local License Server Model
  • Select the licensing model required for your business

Licensing HP Anyware Agents and Deployment of Local License Server
~ 22 min

  • Deploy offline/online license server
  • License the Agent with HP Anyware local license/ cloud license
  • Differentiate between registration code and activation code

Management Console Licensing
~ 15 min

  • Differentiate between Offline and Online Licensing
  • License your Management Console