Steps to activate HP Anyware licenses in offline environment

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For activating licenses in an offline environment, if you are able to transfer files from the PCoIP License Server to an internet-connected machine, the self serve method is recommended. Please refer to section "Managing PCoIP Session Licenses" in License Server Administrators' Guide for detailed steps.
Otherwise, if files are not allowed to be transferred out, you will need assistance from HP Anyware Global Support Services, as follows:

  • Login into your account on the HP Anyware self service portal.  Don't have an account? Register here.
  • To create a technical support case: select HP Anyware as the Product, PCoIP License Server as Component, and Licensing as Case Reason. In the subject line, indicate that this is a Need Help Activating OFFLINE License.
  • In the Case Description, provide the VM_UUID of the PCoIP License Server, the activation code you received from email, and the number of licenses to activate. The VM_UUID can be obtained by running the following command: pcoip-get-license-server-id
  • HP Anyware support will send you back the response file.
  • Transfer the received response file to the License Server machine.
  • Run pcoip-activate-offline-license -r 'path/to/response file' to activate the licenses.
  • Run pcoip-view-license to verify the licenses on the license server. Note the count would be zero if the effective date of the licenses is in future.
  • Refer to the section "Managing PCoIP Session Licenses" in the HP Anyware License Server Offline Administrators' Guide for other information related to offline activation.

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