Profile application to Remote Workstation Card fails

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The remote workstation card is at a factory default.
You set a basic Profile in the management console and apply the Profile.
The Profile application fails.
If you check the management console, there is no clue as to why the Profile failed.
If you check the remote workstation card log file, you will see the following error message...

2019-10-15T21:33:30.09Z> LVL:1 RC:-500        MGMT_EMT :Failed validation. Local usb audio driver and dual audio output cannot be enabled unless H
2019-10-15T21:33:30.09Z> LVL:1 RC: 110        MGMT_PEM :process_pem_transaction: process_pem_transaction_commit() failed!
2019-10-15T21:35:30.05Z> LVL:2 RC:   0        MGMT_PEM :mgmt_pem_omni_processing: Transaction Timeout

This is due to HD Audio being disabled by default on the remote workstation card, see below....


To correct this issue ensure you Profile is set to "Enable HD Audio" see below...



This feature can also be set from the AWI of the remote workstation card.
This issue was reproduced in MC 19.05 and RWC firmware 5.1.0