PCoIP Zero Clients Energy Star Compliance

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E-Star ENERGY STAR Certification of PCoIP Zero Clients

Tera2 PCoIP zero clients may be certified for ENERGY STAR? rating under the E-Star 5.2 Program Requirements for Computers. Please check with your OEM Partner if they have applied for certification of your particular model.

In version 6.0 of the ENERGY STAR? requirements, the program has reclassified PCoIP Zero Clients as Ultra-thin Clients (Eligibility Criteria).

Ultra-thin clients are categorized under Excluded Products in E-Star 6.0 (Section 2.2.2 xi) and therefore, unlike thin clients, PCoIP Zero Clients do not require certification under the E-Star 6.0 requirements.w

PCoIP zero clients are significantly different from thin clients, and offer high energy efficiency, no user accessible client operating system, more security and has fewer hardware components.

PCoIP zero clients fit into the Ultra-thin Client definition because they:

  • Are computers with lesser local resources than a standard Thin Client that sends raw mouse and keyboard input to a remote computing resource and receives back raw video from the remote computing resource
  • Cannot interface with multiple devices simultaneously nor run windowed remote applications due to the lack of a user-discernible client operating system (zero clients run on firmware that is user inaccessible)