PCoIP Session Statistics Viewer

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PCoIP Session Statistics Viewer displays PCoIP software session statistics in a clear visual user interface (UI). The program can capture and graph real-time data from a virtual machine (VM) that is in session, or it can graph previously captured data by dragging and dropping the PCoIP Session Server Log files into the application.

Note: Real-time data capture is only supported in Microsoft Windows and not on Linux platforms.

In these modes you can:

  • Add multiple VMs
  • Switch views instantly
  • Set Sampling Time
  • Set Graph Duration
  • Expand/Collapse All Graphs
  • Remove VMs
  • Save gather session statistics for a CSV file for detailed analysis
  • Load PCoIP Session Server Log Files either by selecting file(s) or folder(s).

For each graph you can:

  • Zoom In/Out
  • Hide/Show Series
  • Set Y-Axis Maximum Value
  • Expand/Collapse the Graphs

There are two views in the PCoIP Session Statistics Viewer program:

  • Grouped Counters View: The counters are grouped into specific categories for a particular VM and the counters are the series of the graph.
  • Individual Counters View: Each graph represents a counter, where each series of the graph are counter values for a particular VM (i.e., VMs that have the same counter are overlaid for side by side comparison).


  • To connect to a remote VM, you must enable the "Remote Registry" Windows Service on the remote VM.
  • When connecting to a local VM, enter "localhost" to specify the VM name instead of the IP address or computer name.

Diagram 1: PCoIP Software Statistics Viewer user interface



Version 20.04.3 (latest)

Change log:

  • Fix: Fail to export to CSV file
  • Update icons to match new branding
  • Update links in PCoIP Session Statistics Viewer Documentation under 'Help'
  • Support IPv6 address (:: and ::1) in VM name


Previous Releases:


  • Fix: Some statistics (RX BW, TX BW adnn TX BW ActiveLimit) were reported as 10x higher than expected
  • Fix: Unable to load Imaging Active Minimum Quality statistics
  • Fix: Fail to report recorded session data to CSV file


  • Fix: Loading of rotated server logs with missing headers
  • Fix: Corrects the sampling update interval to avoid drift in mpps calculation
  • Release numbering is now in line with other Teradici products.



  • VMware View (Horizon) 5.x-7.0 agents or logs, or
  • HP Anyware 2.5+ agents or logs
  • .NET 4




Older versions


Version 2.0

PCoIP Session Statistics Viewer 2.0 draws statistics from virtual machines (VMs) using VMware View (Horizon) agents, and VMs and PCs using HP Anyware PCoIP Agents. Requirements for version 2.0 are:

  • VMware View (Horizon) 5.x-7.0 agents or logs
  • HP Anyware 2.5+ agents or logs
  • .NET 4



Version 1.0

PCoIP Session Statistics Viewer 1.0 draws statistics from VM using a VMware View (now VMware Horizon) agent and requires the following:

  • Windows XP or Windows 7 with .NET 3.5+
  • VMware View (now VMware Horizon) 5.0
  • Any version of VMware View (Horizon) client

Note: Due to a change in the PCoIP_Server log file format in View 6.x and 7.x the log files cannot be viewed using PCoIP Session Statistics Viewer 1.0.