Mouse cursor does not change when using PCoIP Zero Clients to connect to a VM using View Agent 7.4.

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Scenario: This is most visible in Office (especially MS Excel) application but occurs in applications or windows that require a cursor change such as changing the column widths in Excel.

This event can be identified in the zero client log file with the following log lines;

LVL:1 RC:-501 LOCAL_CURSOR :AND_DEPTH=32, XOR_DEPTH=32 color bmp not supported
LVL:1 RC:-500 LOCAL_CURSOR :(shape_update): FAILED! reverting to default cursor (ci=16 t=1, w=64, h=64, ad=32, xd=32)



PCoIP Zero Client customers reported that a registry change resolve the cursor issue. Please contact your VMware representative for further support.


More information can be found here:

VMware Community page: