License check results in Broken Host message

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When viewing licenses on a license server via pcoip-view-license, a HP Anyware PCoIP Agent with an instance locked license or a PCoIP Management Console you get the message Trust Flags: **BROKEN** HOST.



When the license component of Teradici Software is installed, trusted storage is created by Flexera to store licensing information. Flexera licensing uses characteristics of a machine to validate that trusted storage has not been copied or modified. When a virtual machine is cloned, Flexera detects the trusted storage has been copied and considers the trusted storage no longer trusted. This generates the message Trust Flags: **BROKEN** HOST.

If licensing is done for a "dark site" often referred to as offline activation the exchange of the .asr file and the short code response will create a unique id on the management console VM. This unique id is associated to the trusted license and if the id changes then the license will appear as **BROKEN**. This is by design to prevent cloning of management consoles. Please refer to the management console admin guide which states..
Caution: Return all licenses before migrating
If your PCoIP Management Console appliance will be moved to another server or replaced with an upgrade, you must return all the PCoIP Management Console licenses before the migration and then re-activate the licenses after the migration.



Delete any clones of virtual machines that have broken host messages. If the VM was moved using vMotion you can try to vMotion it back to the original cluster. If that fails then the offline license activation process needs to be followed to reactivate the license.


PCoIP Management Console

Deploy new Teradici Management Console virtual machines from the OVA file provided. Once each OVA is deployed license each Management Console. When ordering Desktop Access licenses, order smaller device license packs rather than one large one. For example, if you have 500 devices that you would be managed by 2 license servers order the requires licenses per server (200 + 300) or any combination required to allow the licenses to be distributed over two management consoles.


HP Anyware

If you need to clone virtual machines, use a local license server or cloud licensing. It is best to install the PCoIP Agent after cloning the virtual machine so that local trusted storage is generated correctly.


PCoIP License server

The license server cannot be cloned and must be a clean install. The install and license activation can be scripted although the license server is not a good candidate to be an ephemeral server as the licenses must be returned before destroying the virtual machine. Failure to return the license will prevent reactivation.