How to tune PCoIP for bandwidth constrained Network?

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Bandwidth Tuning 

To determine if bandwidth tuning is required, setup a PCoIP session and monitor the performance of your system. The values to record are latency, latency variation, packet loss and tx and rx statistics.  For details on how to run these tests and obtain the performance data, consult: Health Check - PCoIP Host troubleshooting guide.  If after running the tests, you confirm that excessive network consumption, then:

  1. Optimize your network for PCoIP traffic: Refer to the Sessions Planning Guide (Network and System Requirements) for details on how to enable QoS configuration that will allow PCoIP traffic to get priority if needed.  
  2. Reduce the PCoIP payload size by reducing quality: By reducing the payload size you will increase the chance that it can be transported by the available bandwidth on your network. 
  3. Reduce the PCoIP payload size by reducing resolution or monitors supported: If further reduction are necessary, reduce the number of monitors and reduce the resolution transported.