How to recover Zero Client Password

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There are several ways to reset the password for zero clients.


Option 1: Use Management Console

For enterprise users, the PCoIP Management Console is recommended to manage the zero client security options including password reset etc.
Please refer to this KB for details: How to Manage Zero Client Password.


Option 2: Use Zero Client OSD

This option is available only if the Password option is enabled from the zero client OSD menu by your OEM vendor or your administrator.

Please contact with your vendor or your administrator if it's not available.


  1. On the PCoIP zero client OSD screen under Options select Password and in the Password dialogue box select Reset.
  2. You will be presented with a Challenge Code.
  3. The customers with All Access subscription, go to step 4. The customers without All Access subscription, need to provide the Challenge Code to the zero client OEM vendor. The OEM vendor may have some additional questions to verify ownership of the device.
  4. All Access subscribers and OEM vendor can submit the Challenge code through the self serviced page after log in:


Option 3: Reset to Factory Default

Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + SPACE to reset the zero client to factory defaults (if enabled).