How many VMware View pools are supported by PCoIP Zero Clients?

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PCoIP Zero Clients support up to 10 desktop pools when using Firmware 3.2.0 or earlier. 

Firmware 3.3.0 and later increased support for the number of pools to 100.

When more than 100 pools are configured, the PCoIP Zero Client becomes unresponsive for a few seconds. Keyboard input during the pause is queued.

The PCoIP Zero Client event logs will record the following errors:
LVL:1 RC:-500     MGMT_VDMCSI :(expat): syntax error at line
LVL:3 RC: 0 MGMT_VDMCSI :Event get-desktops result: RX failure
LVL:2 RC: 0 MGMT_VDM :View Connection Server communication error

Environments that require more than 100 pools may need to look at alternative configurations or deployment more VMware View Horizon Connection Servers and spread the pools over the servers.

A 100 item list can take the PCoIP Zero Client user quite a lot of time to browse.

Some customers in the past have used pools to dictate the printers available. Consider options such location based printing or some printers off 'PIN printing' where a user must input a PIN on the printer to release the print job.