How long does it take a proximity reader to enumerate?

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The proximity readers that have been tested with PCoIP Zero Clients typically enumerate in under 5 seconds; however, there can be exceptions. RF Ideas Air ID 82 Series RDR-7L82AKU (LEGIC-Prime only) proximity reader has been seen to take longer and is considered normal for this particular reader. The enumeration time is not related to the PCoIP Zero Client it is connected to.

Please contact your proximity reader manufacturer to see if there is a firmware update that improves enumeration times.

Note: There have been reports of longer wait times with newer PCoIP firmware. These longer wait times are not just related to the PCoIP firmware but may also be due to updating the VM OS from Windows7 to Windows10. If you experience longer wait time please ensure you are using the latest HP Anyware PCoIP firmware.   

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