How do I gather PCoIP client logs for the HP t410 (and change its logging verbosity)?

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The HP t410 Smart Zero Client uses Teradici's PCoIP software. The PCoIP client logs are accessible on a HP t410 client through the on-screen-display. A bundle of log files can be saved to a local USB flash drive connected to the t410 client using the instructions below.

Saving the Logs to a USB Flash Drive

  1. Plug in the USB drive to the zero Client
  2. Select PCoIP Client on the About this client pop up window
    • Note that the log entries shown are filtered to limit the information visible in the dialog window
  3. Click Diagnostic to save the diagnostic archive. (The display shows the attached USB devices by default and populates the File name field with the name Diagnostics)
  4. Select the location within the USB drive you want to save the archive file and click Open
  5. Modify the diagnostic log file bundle name (Optional)
    Note: File name must not contain spaces
  6. Click Save

Changing Verbosity

  1. Access the t410 login screen
  2. Click the setup icon
  3. Select Additional Configuration and launch the X Terminal
  4. Enter 'regeditor' at the command line and return
  5. Under the Registry tab, navigate to  root>logging>general
  6. Change the value of 'debug' to 1 (this will set the debug mode to on and change the filter level to 3)


  • Typically, troubleshooting PCoIP connections require investigation of both the client logs and the PCoIP_server logs for the same time frame that the problem is experienced. The following knowledge base articles discuss the pcoip_server logs.

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