How do I enable relative mouse option in PCoIP Zero Clients?

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The relative mouse option was introduced in Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client firmware 4.1 as an unsupported option for use in very specific user requirements (3D gaming and CAD) and demonstration environments. This option is hidden and disabled by default in firmware 4.x, 5.x and 6.x (firmware 4.1 or newer).   While it has some very specific use cases, Teradici has not tested the relative mouse option and Teradici has no plans to enable this option by default.

It can be enabled on a per user basis as required.

NOTE: The use of this untested option is at the users risk, and it is recommended not to deploy across an environment. If undesirable results are experienced please return setting back to the factory default of disabled.

Relative mouse is not available through the menu items. In order to enable the relative mouse setting you must access the relative mouse AWI page. This can be done by adding configuration/mouse.html to the URL after logging into the PCoIP Zero Client.

To access relative mouse perform the following.

  1. Log into the PCoIP Zero Client AWI. The URL will now show https://<ip address>/
  2. Add configuration/mouse.html to the existing URL which will now show https://<ip address>/configuration/mouse.html