How do I configure the Remote Workstation card's bandwidth settings?

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You can configure the bandwidth settings of a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card (host card) through the Administrative Web Interface or the PCoIP Management Console. 

To limit PCoIP bandwidth requirements:

  • Configure settings correctly for the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card and the PCoIP Zero Client.

  • In bandwidth-constrained environments, adjust the imaging parameters to optimize user experience for the bandwidth configuration.

  • Test with different bandwidth and imaging parameters to balance bandwidth usage and user experience.

The recommended bandwidth settings for a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card (host card) are the default settings.

By default:

    • Device Bandwidth Limit = 0 (no limit)
    • Device Bandwidth Target = 0 (disabled)
    • Device Bandwidth Floor = 0 (1 Mbps)

Note: We highly recommended that you characterize your network before adjusting the bandwidth settings from it's default value.

The bandwidth settings apply to the PCoIP data stream that originates from the PCoIP device the limits are set on. Setting the bandwidth limit on the PCoIP Remote Workstation card to 10 Mbps will place a maximum limit of 10 Mbps from the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card to the PCoIP Client. Any data from the PCoIP Client to the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card is not limited. The bandwidth limit must be set on the client to limit PCoIP bandwidth.

Be careful when configuring the Device Bandwidth Floor setting to avoid getting continuous packet loss. The device bandwidth floor sets the minimum bandwidth a PCoIP device uses. For example, the PCoIP device is connected to a 10 Mbps link but only 2 Mbps is currently available. If the Device Bandwidth Floor is set to 5 Mbps and a graphically intensive application that usually needs an average of 6 Mbps is used, the bandwidth management algorithm of a PCoIP device generates network traffic from 5 Mbps. Because the Device Bandwidth Floor is inappropriately set to be higher than the bandwidth available on the network, there is continuous packet loss. Be sure to characterize your network connection and configure the Device Bandwidth Floor to a value less than the minimum bandwidth provided by the network connection.