How can I shadow a VMware Horizon View PCoIP desktop session from my vSphere console?

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Note: This knowledge base article does not apply to HP Anyware. HP Anyware uses a  Anyware software GPU or a hardware GPU disabling the vSphere Console.

In some cases viewing a remote users PCoIP session may be beneficial to troubleshooting an issue. In such cases consider shadowing the user's desktop session on the vSphere Console.

To shadow a PCoIP session you will need the following:

  • VMware vSphere 5
  • VMware View 5 or greater
  • For Windows 7 Hardware Version 8
  • Windows XP or Vista use any hardware version
  • pcoip.adm template (shown below)


Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new Group Policy Object (GPO)
  2. Add the pcoip.adm file to the mmc See How do I set up or override PCoIP Software Session Variables on a Virtual Machine?
  3. Enable the variable 
  4. Link the GPO to the OU were the VMware View Windows 7 desktop resides
  5. Sync Domain Controllers
  6. Restart the VMware View desktop

It is now possible to shadow a PCoIP session from the vSphere Console. The desktop user does not have the option to approve the shadowed session so ensure to have considered security and privacy concerns.