Feature Requests and Accelerated Development

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Feature Requests


Teradici frequently releases new features for all our our products creating adding more value to you and opening up many new possible uses for our products. The new features are driven by feedback from our valued customers telling us what they need to make the Teradici products even more valuable to them.

If you have a feature that you must have or would like to see in a Teradici product please open a feature request  (Under Technical Support Case, select Product first, then choose add in comments to describe the feature need). This helps Teradici understand the needs of our customers and helps plan the product roadmap.


Accelerated Development


Teradici understands not all customers can wait until a feature goes through the normal selection and development process. To assist customers with immediate or more unique needs, Teradici offers Professional Services. The Professional Services team will investigate the requirements of your feature and provide a plan to get it implemented. Please express your interest to the Professional Services team here.