FAQ - PCoIP Session Establishment

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This article provides common questions and answers related to PCoIP Session Establishment (Connection).  It includes concepts, guidelines and troubleshooting checklists.

FAQ – Overview

  1. Steps/stages required to establish a successful PCoIP Session

FAQ – Troubleshooting 

  1. Session Establishment: Unable to establish a PCoIP connection, How can I Fix?
  2. Session Termination: My PCoIP Session disconnected unexpectedly, what went wrong and how can I fix?

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Answers - Overview

Steps/stages required to establish a successful PCoIP Session

There are six steps (stages) required to establish a successful PCoIP Session.

  1. Initialization
  2. Authentication
  3. Get Resources (List of Hosts)
  4. Allocate Resources and Connect to Hosts
  5. Establish PCoIP Session
  6. Validate License

The PCoIP Session Connection Sequence Master Diagrams  provide details on the messages exchanged to connect or disconnect PCoIP sessions.   

Answers - Troubleshooting Summary

Unable to establish a PCoIP connection, how can I fix?


PCoIP connection issues are usually the result of one of the following items:

  • Client had problems initiating (check memory and OS system requirements on your client)
  • Client could not contact PCoIP applications (Network outage?  Is the firewall blocking PCoIP traffic? Is DNS returning the expected FQDN addresses?) 
  • Client was unable to complete the authentication process (Is your AD or LDAP configuration setup correctly?)
  • Client was unable to get a list of resources from the PCoIP Connection Manager (Broker settings configured correctly)
  • The requested remote host is not available or not licensed (Is the remote host healthy? Is it configured correctly? Is it licensed?)


  1. If the client does not show any error but instead exits back to the operating system prompt, follow the guidelines here.
  2. If the client was able to connect initially but after disconnecting, cannot re-connect, follow the guidelines here
  3. If the client displays an error code, use the link to find the recommended troubleshooting process: 
  4. If the client shows an text error message,use the link to find the recommended troubleshooting process:


My PCoIP Session disconnected, what went wrong and how can I fix? 


Most PCoIP Session disconnections are the result of the user requesting the disconnect.  Unexpected disconnects can also happen if there are severe network problems, or if the host is configured to disconnect after an idle period (i.e. for example, after 12 hours of being idle).  A session also disconnects if the same user connects to a different host. 


The host log file will contain the exact reason why the session disconnected.  Refer to the following guide for how to obtain and troubleshoot PCoIP disconnect issues - What do the PCoIP server log disconnect codes mean?


Checklists - Troubleshooting Scenarios


Client Cannot Connect: Get error message "Invalid Certificate" 


Failed to connect to the Connection Server.
The server provided an invalid certificate. 


  • The PCoIP client could not verify the identity of the remote host. 
  • The certificate presented by the host is not signed by a trusted certificate authority in the client's certificate store.   


STEP 1: Verify that your Internal Root CA certificate is installed on your PCoIP Client. 

How to install a certificate:
STEP 2: Verify that the certificate on the host is signed by the trusted authority specified by the client. 
How to troubleshoot certificate issues:
TIP: It is possible to disable the certificate check. While this is not recommended for production system, it is useful when debugging certificate problems to determine if your connection problems are solely due to certificate issues or if you are dealing with multiple problems. 
How to bypass the certificate check



 Client Cannot Connect:  Get error message 

"unrecognized XML tags” error?


 Message contains unrecognized XML tags


  • This issue occurs at the last stage in the connection process.
  • The Broker is unable to return the Agent to the PCoIP Client since it expects a valid "mac-address" field, which looks to be returning blank. 
  • Specifically when  or  fields is blank.


STEP 1: Upgrade Client to a version 20.04 or later

  • Older versions of the client would sometimes have an issue reading the "mac-address"  field".  This was fixed in version 20.04.  The client downloads are here.
  • Make sure if TCP port 60443 is not blocked, as this port is required for successful connection broker communication. 



Client Cannot Connect: Client Crashes 


Software does not return an error but exits to the OS (crashes) when trying to establishing the connection

  • Client is running on an unsupported OS
  • Client environment is either misconfigured or missing important drivers


STEP 1: Make sure you are on a supported OS as per the system requirements.

What are the system requirements for the PCoIP Software Clients?

STEP 2: If you are on an older version, upgrade to the latest version.

Where can I find the latest version for PCoIP Clients?

STEP 3: If the client still crashes, enable level 3 logging, replicate the issue and create a support case with the client support bundle.




 Soft Client Cannot Connect directly to the host card


Software Client fails to establish a direct connection to Host Card.


Direct to Host connections now require a RWC agent be installed on the host.  
This requirement was added in 2020.


  1. Review the requirements for using a software client with a host card.
  2. Install the Remote Workstation Card Agent on the remote host. 



 Client Cannot re-establish a PCoIP session after disconnecting.


 Not able to re-establish PCoIP session after disconnecting.
 Works fine after restarting the client. 


 It can happen due to unsupported OS, or various other reasons.


  • Make sure you are on a supported OS as per the system requirements.
    If you are on an older version, try to upgrade to the latest version. 
    If you are on the latest version of Client and Agent, and still not able to connect, enable level 3 logging, replicate the issue and create a support ticket with the client support bundle. You can find the instructions here to enable level 3 logging.