FAQ - HP Anyware Manager and HP Anyware Connector

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This article provides common questions and answers about HP Anyware Manager (previously HP Anyware Manager). It includes concepts, guidelines and troubleshooting checklists and links to the product documentation instructions found in the various HP Anyware Manager and HP Anyware Software guides.

FAQ – Documentation

  1. Architecture Guide: Solutions for Managed Connections with HP Anyware Manager
  2. Session Planning Guide: PCoIP Session Planning Guide
  3. HP Anyware Manager Docs:
  4. HP Anyware Manager Service Updates (https://status.teradici.com/)
  5. Work from Home Guide: (https://www.teradici.com/remote-work)
  6. HP Anyware Manager Knowledge Base Articles (https://help.teradici.com/s/global-search/Cloud%20Access%20Manager
  7. HP Anyware Manager Privacy Policy (https://www.teradici.com/privacy-policy/cloud-access-manager)

FAQ – General 

  1. What is HP Anyware Manager?
  2. How to unlock the HP Anyware Manager Admin Console?
  3. How do I access the HP Anyware Manager Admin Console (cam.teradici.com) using a personal Gmail email?
  4. How to Enable Cloud Service Account Features?
  5. What are the required PCoIP Ports and Services to use HP Anyware Manager?
  6. How do I permit other Administrators to manage my HP Anyware Manager deployment at cam.teradici.com?
  7. Can I use HP Anyware Manager with Remote Workstation Cards?

FAQ – Troubleshooting Tips 

  1. Common HP Anyware Connector installation issues?
  2. How to update a HP Anyware Connector?
  3. ERROR: The Certificate for the Domain Controller is Untrusted or Invalid.
  4. ERROR: Failed to launch a remote session due to no software licenses being available.

Answers – General

What is HP Anyware Manager?

HP Anyware Manager is a HP Anyware brokering solution that enables highly scalable and cost-effective HP Anyware deployment. HP Anyware Manager allows brokered PCoIP connections to remote workstations (Windows & Linux)

HP Anyware Manager is made up of 3 components:

  1. HP Anyware Manager service - Software as a Service (SaaS) offered by HP Anyware to manage HP Anyware Manager deployments. 
  2.  HP Anyware Connector - Software that is installed in a customer's environment. The HP Anyware Connector provides connectivity between the PCoIP Clients and Remote Workstations.
  3. HP Anyware Manager Administrator User Interface (UI):
    • HP Anyware Manager Admin Console: The HP Anyware Manager Admin Console is a web interface that leverages the HP Anyware Manager service to provide a user interface for PCoIP deployments and broker management. The HP Anyware Manager Admin console can be found at cam.teradici.com.
    • HP Anyware Manager Management Interface: A legacy web interface that exists within the HP Anyware Connector. The Management interface can be accessed via the Public or Private IP/FQDN of the HP Anyware Connector.

How to Unlock the HP Anyware Manager Admin Console?

To unlock the HP Anyware Manager Admin Console, you are required to have a valid registration code for HP Anyware. This code will be sent to you via email from HP Anyware and looks like: ABCDEF1234@AB12-C345-D67E-89FG.

See: How can I tell if my key is for Cloud Licensing or Local Licensing?



How do I access the HP Anyware Manager Admin Console (cam.teradici.com) using a personal Gmail email?

To sign in using Google requires a GSuite or Cloud Identity Account.

For access to HP Anyware Manager with a personal Gmail account. You will need to contact HP Anyware Global Support Services (GSS)  and they will be able to whitelist your personal email address. To request a email whitelist, 
submit a case.



How to Enable Cloud Service Account Features?

HP Anyware Manager's provides enhanced capabilities (Workstation Provisioning, Power Management) if a Cloud Service Account credential is added to the HP Anyware Manager Admin Console.

Cloud Service Account Features Matrix:

Service Account Permissions:

What are the required PCoIP Ports and Services to use HP Anyware Manager?

Port Port Number Direction Description
TCP 22 (SSH) IN To allow secure remote access into the HP Anyware Connector VM.
TCP 443 IN Client Authentication, Cloud Licensing
TCP 4172 IN PCoIP Session Establishment
UDP 4172 IN | OUT PCoIP Session Data

Required TCP/UDP ports for PCoIP Technology
Required External Connections

How do I permit other Administrators to manage my HP Anyware Manager deployment?

HP Anyware Manager supports multiple administrators. See the HP Anyware Manager Administrators Guide SAML Configuration section for further details.

Can I use HP Anyware Manager with Remote Workstation Cards?

Yes, HP Anyware Manager supports brokering Remote Workstation Cards.

See:Work-from-Home options with Remote Workstation Cards 

Answers – Troubleshooting Tips

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