Do PCoIP Zero Clients support Microsoft Remote Desktop Services?

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You cannot directly connect to a RDS host (terminal server) directly from a PCoIP Zero Client, however you can connect to a View 6 RDS host. View 6 RDS is a new feature introduced in VMware Horizon 6.

To use this feature, you need to have a Tera2 zero client on firmware 4.5.1 (or newer).

To do this, configure your RDS host with VMware Horizon (View) 6, set your Tera2 Zero Client "Session Type" to View Connection Server and use the Horizon 6 view connection server IP address or the VMware View Connection Serverfully qualified domain name.

Ensure you have Enable RDS Application Access enabled. This can be found under Advanced Options.

Note: Tera1 based PCoIP Zero Clients are not compatible with View 6 RDS.

Note: HP Anyware has in the past offered a PCoIP multi-session agent for access to an RDS host. If you are interested in this type of offering, please contact HP Anyware  Sales.