Do PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards support 3D stereo technology?

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PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards (host cards) support passive 3D mode of operation under the following conditions:

  • Passive 3D glasses are available. \u2013 See

  • Use a refresh rate of 60 Hz or lower on a single display (not 120 Hz)

  • High bandwidth is available

  • The PCoIP Remote Workstation Card settings have the Maximum Initial Image Quality and a Minimum Image Quality set to 100 percent

  • Use a DisplayPort to DVI adapter to connect the monitor to a PCoIP Zero Client having a DisplayPort

  • Only Passive 3D environments are currently supported (Not active mode)

Monitor Support

3D Mode of Operation Monitor PCoIP Remoted 3D Support
Passive 2D YES (when conditions above are met)
Passive 3D YES*(when conditions above are met)
Active 2D NO
Active 3D NO

* HP Anyware workstation devices utilize 3D monitors in 2-D mode with a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz.


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