Cloud Access Software 2020.07 is now available

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We’re excited to announce that Cloud Access Software 2020.07 is now available for download.

What is new in Cloud Access Software 2020.07?

  • Installation simplification for Graphics Agent for Linux on standalone workstations
    • Simpler installation steps for additional GPU that are now automatically configured including NVIDIA K520, K2000, K2200, K4000, P2000, P4000, P6000
  • Xbox One controllers
    • PCoIP Zero Client support for the following Xbox One controllers:
      • Xbox One 2015
      • Xbox One
      • Xbox One S
      • Xbox One Bt
      • Xbox One Elite
  • Realtime statistics overlay for Windows and Linux software clients (while in High Performance Client mode)
    • Realtime statistics such as codec, frame rate and dropped frames during a session
    • Removed PCoIP Arbiter service and integrated functionality into PCoIP Agent to simplify dependencies
    • Bug fixes and security updates.

What is new in Cloud Access Manager?

Updated support information for specific versions can be found on our Product Lifecycle page.