Can't manage zero client after moving it to a different network

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You had the zero client managed by the management console and then moved the zero client to a different network. You can still connect to your desktop VM. You just cannot manage the zero client.


Since network connectivity is confirmed because you are able to get to your desktop I would suspect a port is being blocked. The PCoIP Management Console uses TCP port 5172 for all management functions to PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards. A good tool to use is Telnet. Telnet is not installed on the management console so you can either add it (sudo yum install telnet -y) or you can use another device with telnet access from the same network that is hosting the management console.

If you run the command telnet  x.x.x.x 5172 you should get 1 of 3 responses (where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the zero client in question).
  1. Connection Refused - meaning the zero client is in a managed state and it is refusing the connection. In this case I know port 5172 is open because the zero client is refusing the connection.
  2. Connected to - this means the zero client in not in a managed state and it did accept the connection. In this case the zero client is in the Bootstrap managed state.
  3. Connection timed out - meaning you cannot reach the zero client due to some network condition, device unplugged, port blocked, no route....

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