Cannot connect to session: Client shows licensing-related errors, or error 0x1002

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When attempting to establish a remote connection using a PCoIP client, the connection fails and one of these error messages appears:

  • PCoIP Agent has no available licenses to launch the remote session. Please try again later.
  • This desktop has no remaining licenses available.
  • Unable to connect (0x1002). Please contact your IT administrator.



The PCoIP session could not be established since the PCoIP Agent was unable to checkout a license from its license pool.   This happens when:

  • All available licenses are already in use, or have expired.
  • The PCoIP Agent or the local license server is not started or not configured correctly (config problem)
  • The local license server or cloud licensing service could not be reached (network problem, ports not open)
  • The VMware Horizon agent is installed on the same machine as the HP Anyware Agent.




Step 1: Upgrade your PCoIP Agents to the latest release


Step 2 Check the health of your licensing system

  1. Connect to an agent machine using RDP (for Windows) or SSH (for Linux).
  2. Run the pcoip-validate-license command to validate if your licenses system is operating correctly. 
  3. If a license is returned then your system is setup correctly. 
  4. If the command pcoip-validate-license produces an error, refer to the following articles to fix the root cause:


Step 3: Verify that you have installed enough licenses to meet your ongoing needs


Step 4: Check to see how many of the installed licenses are available for use

Connect to an agent machine using RDP (for Windows) or SSH (for Linux).

  1. Run the pcoip-list-licenses command to ensure that your pool of licenses has enough to service your needs for additional PCoIP connections.  This command will show the number of licenses in the pool that are currently not being used.




Agent-Sessions > 5

Licenses Pool
is healthy

Licenses are available for clients to connect to either
HP Anyware Standard Agents or Remote Workstation Card Agents
Agent-Sessions <=5 License pool
is almost exhausted.
Agent-Sessions = 0 No Licenses
Purchase additional licenses
Client will not be able to connect to any PCoIP agent.
Agent-Graphics > 5 Licenses Pool
is healthy. 
Licenses are available for HP Anyware Graphics Agents
Agent-Graphics<=5 License pool
is almost exhausted.
Agent-Graphics=0 No Licenses
Purchase additional licenses
Client will not be able to connect to a PCoIP graphic agent.

If pcoip-list-licenses outputs:
Error: "No servers are available to list licenses on"
  • The agent is not able to find a valid license server.  To fix, you will need to correct either the agent configuration or the license server configuration.  Following the guidelines listed in KB 1385.
  • For Linux agents, ensure the configuration file pcoip-agent.conf is readable by PCoIP agent. If necessary, run the command to change permission: chmod 644 /etc/pcoip-agent/pcoip-agent.conf
If pcoip-list-licenses outputs
FNE license server error such as  "[1,7e2,5,0[74000008,194,10060221]]"
  • The PCoIP agent cannot communicate with the licensing server. This is usually caused by a misconfigured agent or a firewall. Check your GPO or configuration settings on the agent and your firewall settings.


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