Can multi-factor authentication be used with PCoIP?

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Multi-factor authentication systems are supported by Teradici Products. Examples of multi-factor authentication systems are RSA SecurID and Duo.

  • HP Anyware Manager supports multi-factor authentication as secondary authentication via a radius server. 
  • VMware Horizon in a virtual environment. Multi-factor authentication such as RSA SecurID must be configured inside the VMware Horizon Connection Server.

Multi-factor authentication is based on, at a minimum:

  • Something you know: this can be your user ID & password to access the corporate network
  • ​Something you have such as:
    • token with a 6-digit numeric value that changes every 60 seconds
    • mobile phone that can receive a text message with a temporary numeric password

Multi-factor authentication can be used with:

  • PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Software Clients when connecting to a HP Anyware Software environment via a HP Anyware Connector  or 3rd-party-broker (e.g. Leostream version 8.2+) configured for multi-factor authentication.
  • PCoIP Zero Clients when connecting to VMware Horizon with an RSA or RADIUS authentication server.
  • PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Software Clients when connecting to an Amazon Workspace environment.


  • The host operating system must be configured to enforce a password length of at least eight characters long (to a maximum of 16 characters). The username can contain up to 128 characters.
  • Additional multi-factor authentication solutions are supported by HP Anyware.
  • Refer to VMware's documentation to find out what multi factors authentication solutions are supported by VMware Horizon.