Black screen on my locally connected monitor on a physical workstation after remotely connecting to a PCoIP session

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A black screen displays on a monitor connected to a workstation that had a previous or active remote PCoIP session established.

In a typical scenario,

  • A remote worker establishes a PCoIP connection from his home to their office workstation that has the HP Anyware Graphics Agent installed and a local monitor is also attached to that workstation.
  • The remote user then decides to go to the office to work locally and the workstation monitor displays a black screen (sometimes showing no signal).  
  • Rebooting or reconnecting the local monitor will not solve the problem.

Note: This is what we called "deskside" use case.  For more details, please refer to HP Anyware Instructions for Consumer Grade NVIDIA GPUs (e.g. GeForce RTX 2080).



  • The HP Anyware Graphics Agent is installed on a workstation with a local monitor also connected.
  • When a PCoIP session starts up, it inserts a new EDID into the host workstation Windows Registry based on the remotely connected monitor's topology at the PCoIP client computer.
  • When the user wants to use the locally attached monitor on the host workstation, the previously inserted EDID must be supported by the local monitor.  
  • However, if the inserted EDID is not compatible with the workstation monitor to handle, the monitor would displays a black screen.
  • Typically, the client-side monitor displays the desktop correctly and the remote PCoIP session operates as expected and may or may not be disconnected.



Make sure you are using the latest Graphics Agent software, here is the link to verify the latest version and update.

Check GPO settings: 

  • PCoIP.restore_display_at_session_end should be enabled.

By default the Restore displays at session end is disabled, here is the link to the admin guide to change the settings for Restoring of locally connected displays 

When user disconnect the PCoIP session on the host machine, setting this feature will attempt to restore these displays upon ending a session.