After activating a renewal license on my Management Console, it is showing the old expiry date, how do I fix?

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Problem: I have renewed by license for the Management Console however after deactivating and reactivating the license on my Management Console, it is showing old expiry date. 

Answer : To solve this issue you need to do the following steps:

1) Return the license by either through Deactivate button from MC web browser > Setting > license > Select the activated license > click deactivate button   OR return through command provided in the following link:

2) Clear the trusted storage by following steps:
Step-by-step guide
Follow the following steps
•    SSH to the MC or open the console  (default UN: admin Password: ManagementConsole2015 )
•    Change path to the licensing folder:
•    cd /opt/teradici/licensing
•    Get an output of the licenses
•    ./
•    Output will look like this
•    Fulfillment ID: 132182467
•    Entitlement ID: 27B5-3A92-12C8-ABE5
•    Expiration date: 01-Apr-2017
•    Type this in to allow manual manipulation of the license store
•    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH='/opt/teradici/licensing'
•    Now delete the license using the fulfillment ID of the license required from the output of ./ from step 3.
•    ./appactutil -delete 132182467
•    Verify it is removed
•    ./appactutil -view
•    ./appactutil –localrepair

3) Again activate the license , it will show you the correct expiry date.