Service Overview


If you have built your own product based on PCoIP offerings and have a service agreement with HP Anyware, 

  • We will provide you with the ability to escalate PCoIP issues to an HP Anyware Trusted Cloud Advisor.
  • We will then assist your support group to find a solution to the escalated problem.


All Support cases go through a consistent lifecycle. The stages of the case lifecycle include:

1. Create Your Profile

If you are new to HP Anyware Support, we need you to create a Customer Profile on our support portal. Visit and click on “Login” and on the next page, click on “Create an account”. If you are having issues creating your account or profile, please visit

2. Collect Information to Expedite Resolution

Providing us with background information will help us understand your issue better and do some preliminary research before we engage with you to make our interaction more effective and efficient. We therefore ask you to provide the following information when you open a case: 

  • A detailed description of the issue encountered and its impact to your operations.
  • Your system environment set up: client, broker, host, etc.
  • Any steps known to reproduce the issue.
  • Complete support bundle logs.
  • Video or screenshot that would efficiently demonstrate the problem.

3. Create Support Case


4. Escalate a Support Case via Phone (Optional)

If your issue is critical that impacts your day-to-day operations, you can escalate a support case at any time via the support hotline: 

HP Anyware Global Phone: 1 844 600 3200 by speaking to an HP Anyware Support Representative.

5. Close a support case

A case is closed when 

  • You confirm that a resolution has been reached, or
  • If we do not hear from you within two weeks of a request for information, and multiple attempts have been made to contact you during this period. 

If you see a case closed without a confirmed resolution and have new information on the case, please add a note and reopen the case.

6. Customer Satisfaction Survery

After a support case is closed, you will be invited by email to fill out a short survey about your experience. Your feedback is a valuable way of measuring how well the HP Anyware Support team is meeting your expectations. Customer satisfaction surveys give you the opportunity to provide us with valuable information to help improve our interactions.


To make sure your support request is prioritized correctly, we will use the following guidelines to assess issues and provide an initial response in a timely manner based on their priority level. 


Our Support Teams are located in Canada and India and we are available to work with you during your business day. For non-critical issues we will work during your business day (i.e. Monday to Friday) and for critical issues we will work with your team 7x24, 365 days a year.

Teradici Product Support Target Response

SeverityDescriptionFirst response
S1 Critical Catastrophic failures in production environments that severely impact your ability to conduct business and no procedural workaround exists. 1 hour 24/7 
S2 Major Your operation is disrupted but there is an ability to remain productive and maintain necessary businesslevel operations. Only a temporary workaround is available. 4 hours 24/5
S3 MinorLoss of non-critical functionality that impairs some operations, but your business can continue to function. A workaround is available.1 business day 24/5

For more information, go to HP Anyware Support