Management Requirements

  • PCoIP Management Console 21.10 or newer supports Single Sign-on (SSO) via Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) by integrating with the customer's Identity Provider (IDP).
  • PCoIP Management Console 21.07 or newer supports self-signed certificates using SCEP for Remote Workstation Cards using firmware 21.07 or higher. 
  • PCoIP Management Console 21.01 or newer supports Zero Clients and Remote Workstation Cards using firmware 20.01 or higher.
  • Customers upgrading to release 2010.10 or newer via RPM require access to the Internet to install Python 3.6 libraries. Optionally, customers can upgrade via the OVA format (which is packaged with Python 3.6 libraries).
  • PCoIP Management Console 2.0 - 19.11 supports Zero Clients with firmware 5.x or 6.x and Remote Workstation Cards with firmware 5x.
    Note: These are unsupported versions of software and firmware and Teradici strongly recommends Zero Client and Remote Workstation Card firmware 20.01 or higher, which are managed by Management Console 20.01 or higher.
  • Management Console manages endpoints using PCoIP firmware 5.x and newer. Check release notes for any special considerations when managing firmware with Management Console.
  • PCoIP Management Console is only intended to be deployed in a secured environment. Any management exposure to unsecured endpoints should be performed through a reverse proxy.
  • PCoIP Management Console must not be accessible from unsecured networks, such as the open Internet. Making this release of PCoIP Management Console accessible from the open Internet is an unsupported use of the product and will void any warranty
  • PCoIP Management Console cannot import databases from versions of PCoIP Management Console before version 2.0. However, migration instructions are available through the administrators' guide for moving your profiles and deployments from earlier versions of PCoIP Management Console to this version.
  • PCoIP Management Console is tested against the browser version available prior to release. Internet Explorer 11 is not a supported web browser.
    Compatible browsers:
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Edge

Release Downloads

PCoIP Management Console is available for download as OVA and RPM files.

It is also available in the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) format, and can be found in various regions in the Amazon ecosystem which are listed in each release.

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