HP Anyware Support Definitions

A guide to support classifications.

Support State: General Support

The General Support phase begins on the date of general availability of a Release (“GA”) and lasts for a fixed duration and is intended for usage by customers operating in stable environments.   

For customers who are under a Support and Maintenance agreement, we offer:

  • Technical assistance via the ability to submit cases to HP service experts.  These experts will provide guidance on how to best utilize the release.   
  • Service Level Agreements include 1 hour response for any critical case raised.  For details on all SLAs available, see HP Support & Maintenance Terms and Conditions.
  • Major Release updates are published regularly and include new features, bug fixes and security updates.  Instructions are provided on how to upgrade to the next major "general support" release.  
  • Minor Maintenance updates are published regularly and include bug fixes and security updates.  Instructions are provided on how to upgrade to the next minor release.  
  • Bug fixes and security fixes will be delivered in either the next major "general support" release or the next minor maintenance release. 
  • Self-Help: Each release will include release notes, trouble shooting articles, manuals, guides and FAQs.