Are DSCP markings modified after enabling the PCoIP Transport Header?

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The PCoIP Transport header is a proprietary header placed in each packet. When you Configures the PCoIP transport header, it modifies the PCoIP transport header. It does not modify the IP Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) field used by most network devices to determine the priority of traffic.

Only Cisco's NBAR2 compatible products will read the PCoIP header and set custom DSCP values according to the session priority. Cisco's NBAR2 actually sets the bits in the DSCP field for prioritization based on what's in the PCoIP header configured.

In summary:

  • The PCoIP Transport Header can only be read by PCoIP certified Cisco NBAR/NBAR2 enabled equipment.
  • Starting with Cisco's Protocol Pack 6.0 (PP6.0), NBAR2 includes enhanced support for detecting PCoIP granularity, to provide per session and per packet QoS.