When using Management Console 3.0.0 I am not able to manage zero clients?

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Impacts:   PCoIP Management Console 3.0.0


When migrating from Management Console 2.x to Management Console 3.0.0 many zero clients fail to connect to the management console. If the management console is power cycled the zero clients are now able to connect to and be managed from the management console. After some time they become unmanageable.

How to Identify:

Zero client log file contains some of the following errors.....

WEBSOCKET :receive_ssl_packet: tera_mgmt_ssl_recv received 0 bytes! Socket closed by the other end


MGMT_PEM :tera_mgmt_pem_direct_connect: websocket connection already connected!

In the above message the zero client tries to establish a connection to the management console however the management console refuses the connection as it believes there is already an open connection. You will also notice the socket id number increase for each additional connection, in the log entry below the zero client has tried 167 times to connect to the management console.

MGMT_PEM :destroy_socket_tcp: closing accepted client connection socket id(167)


This issue has been resolved in Management Console 3.0.1 and newer.